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ZenTouch - 3 + 1st GRATIS

ZenTouch - 3 + 1st GRATIS

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Numbing Foot Pain, Swollen Legs, Neuropathy Or Plantar Fasciitis?

The ZENTOUCH Foot Massager provides a unique combination of focused massage and vibration that can help alleviate and prevent any type of foot and leg pain.

  • FDA-Cleared Class I Medical Device
  • Doctor designed & recommended
  • Increase blood flow in the affected area, which activates the body's self-healing mechanism
  • Instantly eliminates foot pain
  • Restores the health of your feet
  • Instant feeling of relief and bliss

Get Lasting Pain Relief in Just 15 Minutes A Day without addictive painkillers, expensive podiatrist visits or massage therapists!


About this product:

  1. Premium & Conductive Material: ZenTouch is made of durable, soft and non slip rubber backing which is topped by a soft, conductive carbon infused vegan leather.
  2. Tension Relief: ZenTouch can help improve circulation and relieve lower back pain; migraine; foot pain due to plantar fasciitis, arthritis, neuropathy, helping to improve blood circulation and physical mobility, thereby enhancing overall health.
  3. Portable Foot Massage Pad: ZenTouch is light and foldable, easy to carry anywhere. Massage your feet anytime, anywhere. Good choice for travel. An easy way to relax and activate your feet anytime, especially after working long hours, wearing high heels, hiking.


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